March 30, 2014

More pictures of the kitchen project

Here are a few more in the progress, pictures of the kitchen. I guess I should do one big project post, but I can't wait, so here ya go...
I am finding that the best way to do this stain is to use a half of an old rag and put my glove hand inside the rag (wrapped around my fingers) and go for it. That allows me to dip into the stain and spread and wipe until it looks the way I want it to. Remember not to spread too thick of a layer of stain. But less comes off if I spread it with this method and it looks very even and actually goes on darker and more even,  than if I spread it on with a foam brush and wipe it off.
 Here is a before picture and after the 1st coat of stain on the doors. Its amazing to me what a difference just the 1st coat makes

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