March 15, 2014

Kitchen project

When we moved in I knew that the kitchen was going to need updated for me to be happy with it. The kitchen, as you can see is 1980's oak. Oak is great, a wonderful wood. But my kitchen felt dated to me, because it was dated! There was a light box around florescent lights (hence the giant square, on the ceiling, that looks like it needs painted) and there WAS  a cabinet over the bar area.
Here is somewhat of a before get the idea.
Well there was a light box where the fan is now. (BTW the fan used to be brass, I spray painted it and switched the glass)
 lightly sanded, 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of paint. Also I had my husband take his sledge hammer to the top shelf of the middle cabinet. It was just too small of a space to be usable. Now I ought to be able to use it. Yes I repaired the inside of the cabinet!
I made my own chalk paint. I found a color I loved, which is an off white with a grey undertone. I was at Lowes taking paint swatches back and forth between the paint dept. and the cabinet dept. until I found a color I loved.
I also spray painted the original hardware. It works great, so why not??
Today my nephew, Austin, came over to help me with the crown. He works at a cabinet shop and has some skills I do not posses, namely putting up crown. Well the crown I got was to short for the space, so we ran down to Lowes and got another type that was considerably larger. It was wwaaaayyy to big. I didn't like the way it looked. So on to the next possibility. We decided to reuse some of the original molding that had been taken down (it originally had 3 layers). Well that worked like a charm!
 Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that we had to get a nice piece of plywood to cover the unfinished side. Originally it bumped up next to the cabinet that was over the bar. So when we took down that cabinet, we found an unfinished side. So we went and had a piece cut to fit the space and my hubby used his nail gun to tack it in place.  Then I used wood putty to fill any gaps and the nail holes.
After putting up the molding, I finished by caulking next to the ceiling, and wood putty in the spaces where the molding comes together (you can see it if you look too closely) and then I painted the inside of the corner cabinet and put poly on the floor cabinets, so that everything I put there won't chip, wear and ruin my paint job. I figure why bother painting it at all if I am not  going to do it right and just have to re-do my work. Stupid in my book. So I have been sanding, priming, painting and poly'ing everything! Not done yet, and it will take me awhile since I am doing it all by hand on the days I don't work. But I am loving the results and wanted to share them to this point!!

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