May 28, 2013

Teacher choice at HMQS

Mom and I decided to enter a quilt into HMQS this year, for the fun of it. We decided to do it because sometimes its fun to share your work and because this particular quilt had some amazing longarm work done on it. Mom had requested a quilt with large open spaces so she could try some quilting on that type of quilt as most of the time what she quilts has much smaller block area.  So here are the results.......which we won a teachers choice award for. What makes this special is that HMQS is a national show. So at my level of quilting (amateur), I don't expect to win a ribbon. I always hope for the possibility of course, but never really think it will happen. It is always a neat surprise to walk down the isle where your quilt is hanging, and realize there is a ribbon on it! Thank you to the teacher who loved our beautiful quilt !!!!!

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