May 05, 2013

So if there is anyone who looks at this blog, you will have noticed that it has been awhile since I last posted. That is what happens when you decide to move. We decided in Sept that we were going to move and be closer to Kerry's work. He works in Orem, and we lived in Santaquin. We loved living there, but with gas prices the way they were,  and other factors, it just made more sense for us to move. So we spent about a month getting some of the packing done and the house ready to be listed. I am a big believer in de-personalizing your space when you are wanting to sell. During this time, we also had 2 more grandchildren born. Carter was born in November.
 Carter had to spend some time in Primary Children's Hospital in SLC for about 3 weeks. He had some intestinal stuff going on. But he pulled thru it and his folks were able to bring him home, along with a monitor and some oxygen. We managed to go and visit him a couple of times before he left the hospital. He was a favorite as he is not a fussy baby. But he did have the Dr's running because he also likes attention. His oxygen sat would drop whenever there was no one there paying attention to him, so they would come running back and his oxygen would go back up and the monitor would be quiet.
Now he is a big boy who is learning to roll over and trying to grab his toy all the time. I am lucky because I get to watch him from time to time while his mom has a day at work.
 Then Alix was born in December (remember all this was happening while we were packing) and I skipped work that day so we could be part of the birth via the internet. We were not able to go out to Florida to visit, but once the house sold we were used a companion ticket from my brother and flew my daughter and her hubby out for a visit. We thought that was a better idea anyway because then everyone who wanted to would get to meet the baby.
We were amazed when the babies were put together. Alix is the youngest, but he is also the biggest. I guess he inherited his daddy's height.
The other thing that happened while all of this was going on is that we received and offer on out house. It had only been on the market for 2 weeks and we received our first offer. It was too low, so we rejected it. But within a day we had a second offer, which we countered and they accepted. So our house was sold. Then we were running around like crazy because they wanted closing on December 27th. We were ok with that, but it made our lives a bit harried. So for Christmas we set up a small 4 ft. tree. It was on the end table next to the chair, and all the presents were under the table.
However, we didn't close until the 8th of Feb. I am glad because that gave us time to find a house. We hadn't even started looking when we listed our house. I didn't want to find a place, and fall in love with it and not be able to purchase it because of lack of  our place selling. So we were running and looking at everything we were interested in that was in our price range. We made an offer on a place in Lindon first, but that fell thru during the inspection phase when we discovered a sewage pump in the basement. That was something we just didn't feel we could live with. So we went back to looking. We decided to look at a place, a last minute addition to our list of stops for the day, and one of those, "it's in our price range, might as well add it" kind of things. Funny thing is, I didn't thing we would like it. Well we walked in and Kerry fell in love with the place. I took a bit longer to decide, and even then I didn't love the place, just felt like I could live with it. So in Feb, we moved. Since that time its been unpacking and settling in. Well, ok that's not quite accurate. We discovered one thing we hadn't known about. The main bathroom had some damage under the sink, so you couldn't even use the vanity. So we decided since we were going to remodel the bathroom anyway we might as well do it now. So (after my hubby tore out the vanity's and the flooring and 1 partial wall) my sister and her hubby came down and they redid the flooring. I purchased a new vanity and now we are in the process of fixing the wall and putting in shelves. I also took out the shower doors in my bathroom. I don't know who ever thought those things were a good idea, but they are so dumb. They are hard to clean and you only have access to 1/2 of the tub at a time. In my book, not a good thing. I much prefer a good shower curtain. So yes, the house is a work in progress. We have also discovered that the soil in the yard is sand, and not one ounce of clay to be found.
 Kerry has had some great walks since we got here. Its nice to be closer to things. We also thought we lost the dogs one day because they escaped their enclosure. They were gone for 6 hours.
And we have had some great family visits. We even hosted dinner for my son's prom this weekend.
It was a lot of fun. There were 10 people. We served them and enchilada dinner, which they all enjoyed. Then pie for dessert.
So you can see we have been a bit busy around here. But I guess that is normal for life right. I don't think anyone escapes that busy-ness that life throws at you. It seems to get more so as I get older. Oh yea, you may have noticed that Parker's tux didn't match his dates dress. Well she changed her mind at the last minute about which dress she was wearing. But at least pink and blue look nice together.

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