June 15, 2012

Life never really slows down

You know, life just really doesn't slow down. We have had ALOT going on since I last posted. I have been busy, busy, busy, with a new job. On my days off its about all I can do to get the laundry done, the house cleaned, the errands run and the groceries purchased. Hence, I have neglected this blog for far too long. Well its time to update you'all on the happenings of the household.
 Well, as you can see from the "cheezy" expressions on my children's faces
 they had a great time on our family vacation!
Yep, you heard right! We went on a family vacation. We haven't really done anything for years, other than camping. But since mom now has a job, we decided it was high time and we took the family to SeaWorld Sandiego and then to Disneyland!
Here we are heading out, with map in hand. I am the navigator.
We found the Zoo, parked our car and started off in the direction we thought we were supposed to go. Here you see Holly and Me trying to decided if we were going the right way. We eventually found the entrance, thanks to some handy directions from a stranger.
The first thing we decided to do was take a bus tour of the Zoo, as its rather large.
 Kerry had fun all day pestering me with the camera
in this picture I had just received a phone call from Jake, informing me that he is going to be a daddy!
We saw some really cool animals.

We also saw some very large, very beautiful plants. I was really amazed at how big some of them had grown. We must have picked the best time of year to visit California because there were flowers and plants blooming everywhere. For a person like me, who loves plants, it was really cool!
This plant, I have no idea what it was, reminded me of a giant rose stem.
 This is me talking to Megan. She is expecting a baby at about the same time Jake and his wife are. Its so amazing to me that I am going to be a grama.
 The following are just some goofy family moments!
The day after the Zoo we went to SeaWorld! It was fun. We got rained on in the morning, but not too bad. We were really lucky and didn't have to buy rain ponchos because someone had left 4 of them laying around. So.....we snagged them up and used them all that day (and at Disneyland too).
We didn't take as many pictures this day, but this is us at SeaWorld, waiting for one of the may shows. We decided to sit in the splash section. As the matter of fact, we did that all day at all the shows we went to. You know what??? We never got splashed!!
We also went to the beach, although it was too cold to really enjoy it much.
After we got done walking out on the pier at the beach we went back to our hotel and checked in. Then we went to a midieval dinner. The only thing I would recommend, don't go thru the torture museum. Its really awful to think of all the things people do to each other and I wish I never knew all that stuff. However, the entertainment was great!!
 I honestly had more fun watching Kerry, than watching the show. He was like a little kid and boy was he all smiles!!
 Here we are sitting on a "throne", the king and his queen. If you look really close you will notice the nice sunburn I got when we visited SeaWorld. It was cloudy and (obviously)  I didn't even think about sunscreen.
 This fellow was the "king". I really loved the costumes.
 They had all kinds of things you could purchase. I just can't imagine playing chess with these pieces. But I can sure see my boys (all 4 of them) having fun with some of these weapons.

 we were assigned to the section that was supposed to cheer for the green night.
 it was quite a production, and it lasted for quite awhile too.
 We feasted, and feasted, but it was all finger food, and it was served 1 course at a time. Here is my chicken.
During the jousting demonstration they lowered a net around the whole arena to protect us from flying debris. It was really fun to watch! One interesting thing for me personally. I think that sometimes we fantasize about certain time periods, midieval times inparticular, I know I always thought it would be an interesting time to live. I learned enough at this dinner, that I am really glad to have been blessed to live here and now and not during this time period. I love the gowns, I love the pagentry, but I would not have wanted to live in a time when the spirit of Christ was not on the earth, when men had little to no rights (especially women) and when the daily tasks of living would have been so hard.
The next 2 days were spent in Disneyland. Keri and Chade were able to join in the fun. And boy did we have a great time. One of the days we got rained on, poured on actually, but we made the best of it and had a great time. You might be surprised how short the lines are when the weather is not cooperating!
 Family picture break!!!
 We were having fun being goofy. We had a hard time talking Holly into riding the Indiana Jones ride, so we were all being goofy. Once she rode it, she loved it. It ended up being the favorite ride, and we rode it over and over!
 In these 2 pictures you can see that it wasn't just sprinkling, it was pouring. We were soooo glad we snagged the rain ponchos at SeaWorld, they really saved the day!!
 At some point in time, on the 2nd day, we decided to have dinner across the street at Captian Kidds. It was a pretty cheezy place, but we didn't care, we were hungry!
 Kerry's mom taught him not to play with his food, but you can see he never really listened!
On the 2nd day all the girls were tired and went to Kj's motel for a nap. So the boys went playing!
 After we caught up with them, it was back to all the fun and games!
We really made alot of memories that I hope the kids will remember with fondness for many, many years to come! I know I sure will!!

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