March 22, 2012

Some long awaited wedding pictures!!

Let face it folks, its been a long time in coming! But here are some pictures from Jake and Rachaels wedding (in November).
I really enjoy watching these two. They are sooo cute together!
Taylor had his hair dyed blonde for "The Sound of Music"
Mindy and Gray
Rachael's parents
Rachael's dad sang a song to her during the reception. It was really touching.
Yes folks, don't faint, there is actually a picture of me in here.
Hummmmm, whats up with that face???
Megan and Grama Judy
 It was a very beautiful cake
 Zoe and Smidget
 The cousins (or in this case "The 3 musketeers)
 Aunt Shine
 Kj, Noel, and Angel

 Jake's best man, Preston, wishing the newlyweds well
 My sister and her friend did the table decorations for the wedding brunch, I thought they were sooo cute!!!
And of course, nothing was cuter than the newlyweds!!

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