January 19, 2012

Just wondering.......

This year at our Church (I am a mormon, and the "congregation I attend is called a ward) there will be 7 boys out serving missions at the same time. That is some kind of record for our ward. There have been 2 full time missionaries serve from our was previously, and one of them was my daughter, she went to Argentina (actually, so did the other missionary). Anyway, 1 of the boys is currently in NC, one of the boys is now in NYC, and now the 3rd boy has received his call. He will be going to Romania. 
We have been working on Taylor's paper work, getting the physical done, getting the dental done, filling out forms etc, and all of this has gotten me to pondering. I keep thinking about my son, hoping he will be the kind of missionary who serves with all his heart. (I know he is going because he wants to. We have always encouraged our kids to go, but the decision has always been theirs to make) I hope he is the kind of missionary who grows his own testimony in such a way that the mission is a great experience and launches him on a good path for his life course.

Anyway, I also wonder where he will go. I would love to hear from you. Where do you think he will go? Foreign (if so where) or Stateside (if so where).  I would also like to know when you think he will leave for the missionary training center. To make this a bit more interesting I will be offering a prize for the person, or persons, who get it right. In the event that no one gets it right, it will be those who come the closest.

Oh yea, fyi he will not turn in papers until the first of March.

The prize will be 1 dozen hand made cards (with envelopes).


Leahona said...

my guess is france! that would be so cool!!!

Keri said...

Chade says Germany or Texas

mindola said...

he's going to either Germany or Kentucky!