October 14, 2011

Is there such a thing as a re-engagement? Well DUHHHH!!

last year Jake was engaged to Rachael.
 They broke it off. I won't say why, because those are their own personal reasons.
 However, they are back togather now and "re-engaged",
 and they asked me to take their engagement pictures.
or is that re-engagement pictures?
We borrowed my brothers camera, as mine is in the shop, and headed out to a couple of "exotic" locations in the nearby valley. I wanted to share some of our results. Some of these pictures are goofy, but most are the ones that I liked the best.
Since both Jake and Rachael work the only time we could get together was sunday afternoon.
 You have to take pictures at the right time or you end up with all kinds of lighting issues.
 We had some of those, but most pictures were great. We just used the shadows to our advantage and didn't take most pictures in the direct sunlight.
 Jake was having a really good laugh in this picture because I was trying to explain how I wanted him to move his head. Finally I gave up and went over and placed my hands on his cheeks and "showed" him where I wanted him to move.
 But I think the final picture speaks for itself! Its terriffic!!

 Jake kept blowing "raspberries" all day. I finally got the brilliant idea to go with it, and I really think its cute! Shows lots of personality!

 We had a great day, and all in all the pictures turned out wonderful. I can't wait to see what they pick out for the announcements!

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mindola said...

these are really great! nice job & you made the light work well to your advantage. congratulations jakester!