September 06, 2011

Annual Hike up Timpanogos

This year we thought there may be a big group of people hiking with Kerry. Keri thought a bunch of her friends were going. But as you can see from the picture, the "large group" consisted of the tried and true, the die hards, the original hikers!
Kerry took my camera this year. He took over 400 pictures. I am posting the ones that I like best. It will give you an idea of what a wonderful time they had while Megan, holly and I stayed at home having a girls night.
This picture makes it easy to see how much weight Kerry has lost. Notice the baggy shorts?
 Kerry was surprised by how much snow is still up on the mountain. It surprises me too. From the front, you can't see any snow. But apparently there was still so much snow that it is still on the trail in alot of places.
Keri is standing on "snow/ice"
You can see for yourself that there really is quite a bit of snow left. Kerry told me that usually that is where the trail is.
There were lots and lots of flowers in the meadow this year, and along the trail.
 While it was nice and cool in the valley, it was fairly cold on the mountain that night. Kerry left his shoes outside of his sleeping bag and they were covered with frost in the morning, as well as the sleeping bags where they were not covered by the tarp.  Here you can see Keri and Parker sippin cocoa. 
 What I like about this picture is the fact that you can see sparks flyin! Yes, I know, the picture is blurry.

Kerry got up at 3:30 a.m. to hike to the summit and watch the sunrise.
 The first picture is Utah Valley as seen from the sumit. The 2nd and 3rd pictures are what happens when you take night time pictures with out a tripod and you are shivering!!
 This is what I call a "hobbits view" because it reminds me of the view where Frodo and Sam are looking into Mordor.
 These pics are the progression of the sunrise.
When Kerry made it to the summit, he was the first one there. It didn't last very long, only about 5 minutes. Then all the other dedicated hikers showed up.
Some of these guys brought ski's and snow boards. Because there was so much snow, there was plenty of places you could use them. Like this glacier for instance! I would be waaayyyy to chicken to go down that. Its way to steep!!
Kerry took alot of pictures of flowers. Probably just for me, but I will share.
 I don't know what all of these are called, but I did know some of them.
 Some type of grass. (I love this picture, such cool photography)
 Kerry said he could stand here and get a different view, with different flowers in the picture, just by turning.
 How many ants can you see in this picture? Kerry didn't even notice them until he got home.
 Anyone know what these tall, white flowers are called?
 Kerry got back to camp around 10 a.m. (or so) and Kj and Parker were just leaving. Because he left so early, and with out them. They didn't know where he went. They didn't know if he fell off a cliff somewhere, or if he was out fishin, or what. So they decided to go to emerald lake. Its a small lake, formed by a glacier, that is at the base of the summit.
 As you can see from the picture, Kerry had other plans. He was pooped!
Didn't last too long as Parker and Kj had other plans. So they went to the lake together!
 This picture is of a little "hikers cabin" by the lake. Kerry said it is a place where hikers can get out of the weather if they become stranged. However, it has been vandalized, so it would really serve its original purpose.
 Emerald lake gets it name because normally it is a deep emerald color. This year it is not that green.
 This is due to the fact that there is still so much snow that the glacier still comes out onto the lake.
 It was also cold enough that there is ice on the lake.

They found an "ice cave" during the hike and took some really neat pictures from the inside.
All in all, it was a great hike. In the words of Kerijean, the only thing that is not enjoyed about the hike are the after affects! (in other words-the sore muscles!)


mindola said...

loved seeing all the pics. kerry does a nice job! i think it's great they can go have such a good time together. love ya! xo

Leahona said...

wow so pretty up there! Thanks for sharing!