August 26, 2011


Stamina 25 lb. Versa-Bell II Dumbbell
25 lbs is alot! Its these dumbbells, its a sack of sugar. Sometimes a bag of flour (except that I think they are 20lbs) and its a large bag of potatoes. You could also say, its 25 packages of copy paper, maybe a kids backpack (although they are not supposed to be that heavy). I have a few college text books that could account for alot of that 25 lbs.

Then there are the bushels of veggies or fruits we put up every year, that probably weigh that much. So what is the point you ask? Well my husband has lost 25 lbs, and I don't know where it went.  Actually, I am glad that he has. He is glad too! His goal weight is 10 lbs away.
How is he doing it you ask? Well we have changed our eating habits. We are focusing on fruits and veggies, less grains, alot less fats, and not excessive amounts of meats. Kerry is also exercising and he is on medication, which I am sure is helping (and not just with the diabetes).

When I first found out about his diabetes, I really felt overwhelmed! I wasn't sure what to do. So I hit the books. I studies and read like crazy. Here is a link to what I finally decided to concentrate on. I have a book entitled Original Fast Foods.
This is a link to their site. I totally recommend it to everyone intested in what I am doing.

One of the things I realized is that we eat more fat in our diet that I thought we did. One of the things that helped me realize this is that when our exchange students that came and stayed for any length of time, gained weight. Then in reading this book, I started to realize we were eating "hidden fats". For instance-cream (of whatever) soups. I used them in a ton of things, and they are full of fat. Cheese. I used cheese alot! Baked items, like cookies. Then, even though I knew veggies were good for us. We just were not getting enough of them. So anyway, we have changed our diet. I have changed it more for kerry, than the rest of the fam. For instance, Kerry would have smaller portions, and maybe one slice (or none) of bread with dinner. Where the rest of the family can eat as much carbs as they want (of course that depends on what I have cooked because I use less noodles now to)

In concentrating on fruits and veggies more, we have more food like this

green smoothies
salad (that includes the chicken salad recipie that was already posted)
veggie/chicken enchiladas
veggie lasagna
veggie casserole
oatmeal covered with fruit
veggie omlets
whole grain pancakes with fruit topping (or jam, or yogurt)(or plain)
tacos-heavy on the veggies
baked potatoes with veggies and miniscuel amounts of butter

hamburgers-heavy on the veggie toppings
grilled chicken (as a side to the veggies)
bbq chicken (as a side to the veggies)
sweet and sour-heavy on the veggies, over brown rice
chicken noodles (heavy on veggies, using 1/2 as much cream soup and yogurt instead of sourcream)

Anyway, that is just an idea. I have also gotten so I buy whole wheat hamburger buns, tortillas, and rolls. I also make my bread with whole grains and no refined flour, whereas, it used to be 1/2 and 1/2. I also serve salad with everything and extra veggies with most things regardless of what the main course is.

I have noticed a difference for myself too. I have lost 8 lbs, which is not alot, but its a start. And I have more energy, and energy during the hours of the day I am normally tired.

Pretty much when I go to the grocery store now, most of what is in my cart is fruits and vegetables.

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Leahona said...

YAY goog for you! 8 lbs is awesome!! I am so proud of you!!! Have you tried mashed califlower? it's just like mase potatoes but without the carbs. I never realized it before but with bella's dairy allergy I don't use cheese or cream soups at all anymore. I am so glad you are starting to get used to eating differenty.