August 29, 2011

Megan-The garden fairy!

This year the garden has been an interesting experiment. It didn't even get planted before mid July. You must be wondering why?! Well partly because we were going to re-vamp it. We were going to change the garden bed itself, from one long 24x4 foot bed to 4 or 5, 4x4 beds. Well that didn't happen. But the first part of it did. That was taking off 12" of the top soil and the first layer of boards. (the garden was 2 feet deep) The next thing that happened was that 1 of the 4x4 beds got made and placed by the bsmt window next to the house, where it recieves shade for a goodly portion of the day.
 The said garden bed now has lettuce and spinach in it. They have done quite well in the shade and it has been nice to be able to harvest my own. No, it has not enough for our needs. We eat alot more lettuce and spinach that it is producing, but next year, it will be better and I may even add 1 more bed on the other side of the window.  The other reason the garden is an experiment this year is because 
 1. I had a school externship until the end of June, and
 2. girls camp in the first part of July and
3. I didn't get it planted until mid July. So I don't know what to expect.
 You can see from these pictures that the plants I did get in the ground are doing well, and my grapes are going like gang busters this year. Unfortunately so are the weeds. This is where Megan comes in. Megan has always been my kid who liked to work in the garden. I don't know if she is thrilled with it this year or not. But I am soooo glad she is willing to help me out.
I have to say the garden is not a total flop. I have started getting beans and squash galore. I am putting up some of the beans today.It probably won't be too long before the grapes are ready either. The only thing that hasn't done well this year are the strawberries. I forgot to thin them last year, so this year I only had about a handful. Not even enough for a batch of jam. Darn!!  I am also looking to see if I can bottle squash or not. I have never done it before. But I want to bottle it because I love having it in casseroles and such.

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