August 22, 2011

The latest quilting project

So this is the latest project. The center (to the yellow border) is all finished. The red is what goes next. Then I will put 2 more borders on and it will be king size. For the moment it is on hold because my machine is not working correctly. I have to take it in this morning and find out if it is fixable. The guy at the repair shop said he will have to look at it. Apparently this problem is common with my machine (it quite pulling fabric thru)(and yes I checked the feed dogs) and sometimes its not fixable. Thats frustrating when you are right in the middle of a project. Its even more frustrating when you consider I had my first $110 machine for almost 17 years until it was destroyed during our move, and I have had this one for 6. Hopefully its fixable, but if not then hopefully I find a good basic one that doesn't cost me and arm and a leg!

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