August 16, 2011

Here's to 25 years and counting!

 This year for our anniversary Kerry and I went up to a place in SLC called Anniversary Inn. We had never been there before and had learned about it from our recently married girls. It was located in a historic house on South Temple, by the avenues. It was a really neat thing to go and do.
 We stayed in a room called Enchanted Forest. We slept in a tree (not really). But it was all set up to look like you were sleeping in a tree. It was really neat. The ceiling was painted with leaves and sky, and the walls were painted with animals, tree trunks and meadows.
 I didn't realize when I booked the room that you had to climb up some branches to get on the bed. I guess its a good thing its just our 25th anniversary and not our 50th or some such thing, or it may have been difficult to get up there.
 Since the inn was a bed and breakfast, you got to order your breakfast. We ordered ours for 8:00 am because we knew we would be up anyway. It was very yummy and bigger than I thought it would be.
 From this view you can just see the window (top left in the roofline) that was behind the bed. We were on the 3rd floor.
 After we checked out, we took some time to go see some things in dowtown Salt lake that we have never done together. We got a tour of the rooftop of the conference center, then we went and walked in the reflection gardens by the temple, and walked around temple square and thru some of the buildings. Then we went to the church history museum. It was way cool.
 This is Kerry behind "the podium"! Of course its somewhere he never wants to be, but he was good natured about it and let me take a picture of him.
It was really a nice get away and I think we won't wait another year to go and spend some more quality time together. Its really interesting to reflect on what 25 years together has brought us, both the good and the bad. I would not change it or trade it. Kerry and I are both glad for the time we have been able to have with each other and are looking forward to the next 25 years!

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