August 22, 2011

The first day of school. Its always bittersweet!

So this morning is the first day of school for the new year. I can't believe how fast time is passing! For one thing, the summer just flew by. All of June was taken up doing my extern. Part of July was taken by girls camp, and then we were just plain busy. I must say that sleeping in and relaxing was wonderful and I will miss it! But now its time to start another school year. This year Taylor is a senior (gasp!!) and Parker is in 10th grade and Holly is in 8th. Ok, so what is the big deal you say? Well that means Taylor has less than a year and he will be on a mission. Then I will be down to 2 kids at home.  People used to say that once they started leaving home, it went fast. I have to say, that its true! I know that I am not old (guess that depends on your view point) but it kinda makes me feel old, not ancient, just old. Wow, where does time go? Kerry and I were talking the other day and by the time 5 more years passes, we could be empty nesters. That is really weird! What is weirder? We could be grandparents by then!

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