July 14, 2011

What I have been up to lately. . .

So I am sorry but pictures seems to be something I don't do alot of lately. Life is busy and I always seem to forget to take my camera. However, that being said, this is what I have been up to lately.
For all of June I was extremely busy with an extership. For those of you who are saying "what is an externship?", let me explain. An externship is the same thing as an intership with the difference that I am still a student. So for June I was working 8am to 5 or 6pm and sometimes later. I was required to have 180 hours and I wanted to get it done. So I worked diligently and was done by the end of June. That didn't leave time for anything else and I finished the last Thursday pf the month.

 Then on Friday we took our kids (and 1 friend each) to Lagoon (a local amusement park). We had never been there as a family and we have not had a "family vacation" in a long time, so we went. Then Saturday and Monday were spent getting ready for scout camp and girls camp. Our ward was doing it as a joint camp. Tuesday we left for camp, Saturday we got back from camp.

Camp was  great! There was very little drama, the kids had a great time, and everyone was safe! Between the scouts and the girls activities the kids got to go river rafting, hiking, cliff diving, to the dinoursaur museum, a bbq, a dam tour, bike riding, and of course testimony meeting. It was great.

 For the girls we did all our certification at camp, with the exception of first aid. We got rain all week, which meant there were no sunburns. And we had very few injuries. The older boys got themselves in a little pickle when they took a wrong turn on a bike ride, but they  took it in good spirits and learned from it. The 2nd time down the river (I only went once) everyone got hailed on and enjoyed rougher white waters.

 I must say how glad I am that my hubby got to go with us and had the girls camp all set up with a canopy and sidewalls that were made into a ceiling so we had more room and a place to gather out of the rain. We did have intermittent sun, so we were not in a constant state of wet, and it was not freezing, but it was nice to have a place we could be out of the weather. The amazing thing is there was no complaining.

I think a great time was had by all. I know I had a nice time. The only "injuries" were; Holly has a small amount of heat stroke and spent a few hours sleeping after the hike. One of the boys cut himself pretty good but we bandaged him up, and a few blisters. Its nice to go prepared and not have to use much, by way of first aid.

Then after we got back I went to Clinton and helped my mom with a trunck show she was asked to give. She did a  great job and I was pleased that she recieved so many ooohhhsss and awwwhhhhssss.

So that has been my life lately. I used to think life slowed down as you got older. I have come to realize (at least for me) that slowing down is not the case. My life keeps getting busier and busier and I have to constantly balance and re-prioritize so that I don't neglect what is the most important in my life and so that I keep heading in a direction that I want to go.

Oh yea, and just a funny tidbit. When Kerry bought his latest motorcycle (sold his other one, got one short enough for me to ride) there was a contest to win Lagoon tickets. I figured what the heck, why not. Well we won! So this fall after the cooler temps come back, we will take the fam back and have a great time! You all are welcome to join us if you want to, but you have to pay for yourselves. :D

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