June 04, 2011

The Nicest Things have been happening

So this will be a blog with no pictures, but that's ok.  A couple of weeks ago I entered a contest for a chance to win a book. I love reading, so I figured "why not", and I entered. I was thinking I had a better chance to win something like that, then some other contests like-say a million bucks, from Publishers Clearing House, or something.  Well I was right and I won a book! I was pleasantly surprised, to be sure! I never win anything, but now I have! How cool is that? (oh, and just for your info the book is called Bumpy Landings)

The other neat thing is-someone, who shall remain annonymous, bought us a dishwasher! I was really shocked. This person asked us to meet them at the mall, so we did. Then informed us that they wanted to tell us thank you and so they had decided to purchase us a dishwasher! I was shocked. I guess I still am! I tried to tell them I thought it was too much, but they insisted. Other than thank you, I didn't know what to say. However, I really am thrilled!

Our dishwasher has been pitiful for quite some time. about a year after we moved in, it quit working. It quit for about a year. At that point we didn't have the money to replace it so it sat there unused and waiting. Well at some point of time (can't believe I am admitting to this) we found out that something had tripped a safety switch and the dishwasher was hooked to that plug. When we pushed that little red button back in -WALA- the dishwasher worked again! I had to clean it up, run bleach thru it and all that, but it worked. The problem is, the damage was done. The racks were corroded with rust. But we decided it was still usable. (couldn't afford the parts either) So I have been using it that way ever since.

This person knowing of our need for a new one, very generously,  decided that they were going to get us a new one. We wandered out way back to the dishwasher section in Sears and let us pick the one we wanted, within a certain price range. 

Well now I am anxiously awaiting the installation on Monday. After it is in, I will post a picture of it. I opted for stainless steel, because I have always wanted some stainless steel appliances. It won't match anything else in the kichen, but oh well. I am thrilled that its coming!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

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