May 10, 2011

New Wonders Out My Window!

So most years I feed the birds. Most years I also stop feeding them when things get warm and they can fend for themselves. My mom also feeds the birds and I enjoy seeing them when I go over. Since I enjoy that so much I decided that I should continue feeding them and that it would be interesting to see what kind of birds show up at the feeder.

Yesterday afternoon after the kids got home, Taylor (my oldest boy still at home) got really excited. "Mom, look!! You have to see these birds!". And with that he grabbed the camera and started snapping pictures.  I hustled over to the window and was amazed to see some birds I have never seen before! We later took some time to identify some of them. I am still searching for the rest.
These ones are evening grosbeaks
This next one is a Bullocks Oriole
This next couple are a blue bird of some kind. I am not sure what kind. If you know, I would sure like to be informed
These are also unidentified
the "red" one is a house finch (pretty sure) which at this time of year is red.

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