May 11, 2011

It's that Prom time of year

Last year Taylor decided not to go to the Prom. I don't blame him. It can be really expensive.
This year however, he is more into dating AND he has a girl he likes (Brittny), so he decided to go.
 I feel really blessed to have a son who likes his mom, because he included me in his plans. (????-some of you may be wondering) He asked if I would be willing to fix the dinner. (UH Yea!! of course) We let him borrow the excursion, so he could transport all of his friends (since it fits 8)
 and then in the back yard Taylor  and his friend Brayden set up the canvas tent (complete with white lights inside, table with a nice tablecloth (double layered, white and green) candles in the middle of the table, and chairs) then they played music out side. Jake was their waiter. He was all dressed up too and played the part to a "T", and thouroghly enjoyed himself. I fixed steak(grilled, then finished in the pan), baked potatoes (oiled, dusted with garlic and wrapped in foil to bake) french bread, a fancy salad (topped with toasted almonds and garlic and craisins). For drinks they had a choice between sparkling applecider, grapejuice, or sparkling grapejuice or water. Dessert was homemade ice cream over brownies topped with sauce and toppings. We also had left over portion cups from the weddings that we filled (just like at a restaurant) with butter, sourcream, and dressing.
The kids all seemed to really enjoy themselves. It was alot of fun for me to. And yes it was some work, but it was more fun.

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