March 24, 2011

Things a mom hears, or doesn't as the case may be

At 3 years ''mommy I love you''.

At 10 years ''mom whatever''.

At 16 years ''my mom is so annoying''.

At 18 years ''I'm leaving this house''.

At 25 years "mom you were right''.

At 30 years '' wanna go to moms house''.

At 50 years '' dont wanna lose my''.

 At 70 years "i would give up everything to have my mom here with me''.

You only have one mom, if yours is still around it might be a good day to tell her you love her, or some such thing.


Cami Checketts said...

Thanks. I adore my mom. Can't wait till my 12yo feels the same!

Keri said...

I never said that when I was 16! I remember BRINGING my dates home :) So ha!

Keri said...

I totally didnt do that when I was 16! If I remember right, I BROUGHT my friends over!