March 13, 2011

Sold in a day

I listed the Lumina on KSL in the classifieds on Saturday morning. We sold the Escort  (and now the Lumina) because we want to purchase Kerry's folks minivan. They bought a different car and offered it to us. It would make it easier to go places with more than the kids left at home, without using the Excursion (the gas hog) So I listed the Lumina. Well it sold this afternoon to a very nice couple from Wyo. What a blessing. I am very very surprised at how quickly it sold. What a blessing!! 
I also sold this quilt this week. I originally did it because I loved the one I did for Mindy and Andy (sister and her husband) and wanted one on my bed. However, Marvin (my exchange student from Germany) wanted to know if I could make one for his mom. I told him that I didn't have time to do that (as I am in school and it takes lots of work, and generally lots of time, to make a quilt) but then I got this one back from the quilter. So I figured if his mom was willing to pay enough to make it worth my while (especially as I would have to pay the quilter more for her efforts then what was already paid for the job), I would sell it to her. Well, she loved it and so this quilt will, shortly, be shipped out to its new home in Germany. Amazing, simply amazing!!

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