March 08, 2011

The nice thing about March

Ok, so I live in Utah. In Utah, in March, you are going to have snow. This morning I woke up to about 4-6 inches at my house. This started me thinking and I decided that there are a few things about March that make it so that the snow does not bother me

1. Even though it is going to snow, the snow won't last long because it is warmer
2. Most days there are blue skies
3. Its warmer than winter and cooler than summer
4. I start to feel better because its lighter for longer, which gives me energy to get stuff done!
5. The trees are starting to bud
6. The birds are returning and are sure fun to watch

Yea, I know-its a little cheezy, but who cares. I want to look on the bright side of things. I really think our attitudes help us, or make things much harder (in life) than they have to be. So I am choosing a good attitude! Hope you guys are all enjoying your spring too!

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