March 04, 2011

Feeding the Birds

 We have a bird feeder in the back yard. It is really fun to watch and see what kind of birds show up each year. Most of the time there is not alot of variety, but this year we have had a few birds that I have not seen often or that I have not seen before.
I have seen some gold finches, some regular house finches, some sparrows, something that looks like a chikadee, something that has the coloring of a dove but is very small, and some doves. The doves feed from the ground and not from the bird feeder, but they still come and are sure fun to watch.
Well,yesterday we were watching (but only sort of) the birds at the feeder and I saw this larger bird come in. For a second I assumed it was a dove. Then it promptly turned around and chased the birds that were rapidly flying away. Thats when I noticed it was a hawk! Wow was I surprised. Now mind you, I only bought seed for the "non-meateaters", I didn't realize that the feeder could attract a preditory bird. I hope they don't get eaten or anything, but it sure adds variety. Taylor stepped outside and took this picture. When he came back in he informed me that there were a couple hawks out there. Be interesting to see if they come back to "feed".

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