March 13, 2011

Been thinkin (always a dangerous thing)

So I've been thinking lately. I don't know how many of you have ever watched the show Julie and Julia. Its a show about a lady who cooks every single recipie in a recipie book by Julia Childs. The basic premise is interesting and I liked it. I didn't like all the "stuff" thrown in the story though. However, I've been thinking and wondering if I could go for a whole month without cooking the same thing over again. With the exception that I will make allowances for leftovers night because I don't want to waste the food. So I am setting that as a challenge for myself. Since tonight is Sunday I am starting on a leftovers night and will go from there. If anyone wants to take this challenge with me I would love to hear what you are making and maybe we can swap recipies.


Leahona said...

sounds super fun! Count me in!!

Leahona said...

Just wanted to update ya! We are going strong and have not repeated any dinners this whole two weeks! Some of the things we have had are

-stir fry
-chicken stew
-lentil soup
-Chicken pot pie
-Chili and cornbread
-baked potato bar
-corn chowder and rolls
-chicken enchiladas

On the menu for the next several days

-Chicken fried steak and potatoes
-toamto macaroni (our friday night tradition but only doing it once this month. It's just mararoni noodles, canned italian style tomatoes and diced up string cheese)
-chicken noodle soup
-turkey wraps and potato salad

Thanks so much for the idea! we are having a blast! You are the best!!