March 18, 2011

Baby mice in the straw, Who's that knocking at my door, and Queen for the day!

 Last growing season we tried growing potatoes in the straw. Never really found any, but it was fun to try. Well at the end of the growing season Kerry was busy and so we didn't get the straw cleaned up and taken care of. I came home from class today and Kerry was outside cleaning up what we didn't get to in the fall.
 While he was digging around and getting the straw cleaned up he found a nest of mice. I thought it was interesting that there were furry ones and bald ones. I don't like mice, in fact I have been know to trap them when we have problems with them. They are dirty and spread disease and germs. I am definately not a fan. but babies are cute and its interesting to get the chance to see Heavenly Fathers creations up close. That being said however, they are not going to get the chance to grow up and become my enemy.
 The other critter that showed up this week, that was kinda fun to see was a woodpecker. You can see him sitting on the branch, but you have to look. I have not seen one of these since we left Ky. I love watching birds, so it was a treat. He didn't stick around long, so I am happy to have gotten a picture!
 This past weekend it was nice and warm and I decided to let Katie go out and play with Max and Taz. Guess who the boss of the dogs is? Yep you guessed it-Katie! It was soooo funny to see her sitting on top of Taz. She does the same thing to Kerry when he is home. Funny doggy!!!!

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