February 25, 2011


So, I am going to update ya'all without pictures because I am not getting around to loading them off the camera. I am amazed at how busy I have been.

I have been busy trying to catch up on school work and make sure its all in. I have been worrying about my grades (which now I am not worried about because at midterm (last week) I am at 96%, which is a solid A) I have been doing taxes (my own, Keri's, Megan's, Taylor's, and Jake's) because I guess everyone thinks mom can do it all (little do they know there are great programs on the internet) and so they asked me for help. Last year I asked my dad to help and this year, I decided to do it myself.

 I have been making sure the kids had what they needed (by way of funding) for their field trips. I have been catching up on sleep and getting some projects done that I didn't have time for when I was working on weddings, and I have been reading.

We also had 2 concerts, one for Parker and Holly and one for Taylor. They were both great and the kids did wonderful.

As far as the "married" kids go- they are doing great! We have seen quite a bit of Megan and Neal. They come down to do laundry every week, and then sometimes we see them on Sunday too. We haven't seen as much of Keri and Chade, but they have been down a couple times. Sunday will be the day we see most of them because they don't have work and everything else that goes with starting a life together. We see Jake the most on Sunday as well as he comes down to go to church with us. Unfortunately most of the time he doesn't hang around for long.

I have decided that it is surprising that life doesn't slow down as you get older. There seems to be more and more to do and more people to give love and attention to. The nice thing is; life keeps moving and some things pass (both the good and the bad) and new opportunities present themselves. The trick is just to enjoy where you are at the moment and learn from the journey.

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