December 04, 2010

Two weddings in January. . .

 Yes, you heard right!
 The Robertson household will have 2 weddings in January.
 Keri will marry Chade Miller on January 21st in the Mt. Timpanogos Utah Temple
Megan will Marry Neal Hunt on January 22nd in the Provo Utah Temple. As crazy as it sounds, we don't mind the fact that there are 2 weddings at the same time (basically). The way I figure it, there is not alot more work to do 2 than to do one. I may find that I am wrong about that idea, time will tell. However, really we are just happy that both girls have found worthy priesthood holders who can take them to the temple. What a blessing!

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Leahona said...

What a great time in your family! We wish you luck in the planning and frugality in your daughters decor choices!!! We wish we could come but we are cooking up a new niece for you so we will just have to settle for pictures and phone calls. We love you so much!!!