November 11, 2010

All about Megan. . .

 As alot of you know Megan got out of a bad relationship recently. We were really proud of her for making that decision. However since we don't want to dwell on the past I will bring you forward to the here and now.  When Megan started going to school in August, one of the classes she took was choir. In choir she met a very nice man named Neal and started sharing her book with him. They quickly became friends. 
 Anyway, to make a long story short, after Megan ended her last relationship, Neal asked her out. Which was something he had been wanting to do since August. So we are happy to let you all know that Megan has a new boyfriend. We are even happier to tell you that we really like him too. Neal is 23, is from Price Utah and is a return missionary. He served in Brazil, so he speaks portugese. Neal is also a CNA. Oh yea (something interesting) Neal is about 6"2" and Megan is about a foot shorter.

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mindola said...

she looks so happy! Yea Megs!!!