October 30, 2010

This year's costume

 This is Kerry's costume for this year. The poncho is from Argentina. Keri brought it with her when she came home from her mission. The "facial hair" is from last year's costume.
The funny thing to me is that he has alot of people tell him that they didn't recognize him. I don't get that one. I think he is still very recognizeable. Very handsome too! Holly dressed up this year as a princess. We went to DI to look for a dress because I didn't want to make her one. I also figured it may be cheaper to do it that way. Well, it was easier, but not cheaper. We found the perfect dress too. She looked really good. Parker and Taylor dressed up in army outfits. They dress up like that often too because they wear them everytime they go airsofting. I did't do anything this year. I made a soup for the ward activity and then stayed home and relaxed!! Yea for me!!!

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mindola said...

kerry looks great, but i need to see pictures of the kids too. looks like fun!