October 25, 2010

Summer Activities. ..

 This summer we had an "impromptu" family reunion. Well really we had a family camping trip to celebrate Kerijean coming home from her mission. It kinda ended up being a "reunion" because almost all of us were there!
 Of course when we get together reading is one of the favorite activities!
Mindy and her boys even made the trip up from AZ, how fun is that?!
 We camped up Santaquin canyon. We chose a spot that was just off the main road, almost all the way to the end of the pavement. We chose this spot because it was shady, but also because it was close to this reall;y cool rock formation where we could spend some time rappeling. I think everyone enjoyed it, even the kids!

 Logan got to go down piggybacked on his dad. He was brave enough to do that!
 Its sure a long way up there
 Travis took Eli down. Taylor told me Eli was only brave enought to look this one time. It is kinda scarry because its a long way down ya know!
 Whoooo hooooo
 Austin is the man!!!! Go Austin
 Hey, is that Zach I see? It is, it is!!
 A view from the bottom looking up. Not sure how they managed this shot, but I thought it was a nice one!
 Taylor always was a little crazy, now I have the proof!!!!
 Funny how you get to the bottom and everything looks better huh?
 I think the only ones who weren't participating (aside from the readers) were Josh and Jamie. They went 4 wheeling
 Logan, dude!
 You go girl!! (shine)
Sure was fun to watch all those little boys enjoying each others company. How fun to have sooo many cousins to hang out with! Thanks to all of you guys for coming, the camping trip was a great success and I sure enjoyed it!!!


mindola said...

love all the pictures. it was a blast & fun to see how brave my boys were. it was such fun campout, in fact, eli was just asking me when we are going again...

OUR CLAN said...

Come anytime!!!! We love to camp with people and by ourselfs too, but its so much more fun to go with someone!