October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To You

 This month has been a busy one (as always) it was holly's birthday. She got to spend the night at her grama Judy's house and then they all came back for birthday cake and presents. Of course she had to have a way to get home again so. . . .
 Parker always wants to give her her present with a "bonk" on the head. I don't like that so we always have to remind him to be nice.
 since it was her 14th birthday, and she is growing up, she got more grown up presents this year.
 her presents included a lava lamp (from grama and grampa) and a table to set it on, a new hairbrush, some makeup, some hair accesories, a couple shirts and a blowdryer all for herself (no more borrowing mom's)
Here are the eyeshadows. Yes, she occasionally wears makeup. Not to often, thank goodness, but as much as we would like to sometimes we can't stop time and our children do grow up. Happy birthday Holly!

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mindola said...

very fun. those "growing up" birthdays can be the best!