August 03, 2010


At this time of the year its natural for spiders to come inside, I assume they are seeking relief from the heat, and I hate having them in the house. However, each time we find a spider, Megan decides to swoop in and capture it in a cup, examine it, let us know what it is, (male this or female that) and then she (mercifully) flushes it down the toilet for me. Yesterday I spotted one by a picture by the front door. I hollered for her and she came with a cup and a piece of paper. Then once she captured it she informed me "uhhh mom, THAT IS A MALE BLACK WIDOW SPIDER. I thought naw. . .but said "oh it is huh, ok" and added "well, don't freak out about it" to which she said "Oh, I'm not freaking out, but it is a black widow".

Then decided that I would look it up on the internet. So today I got the time to look, and sure enough she was right! I didn't realize that she really knew her spiders. I just assumed she was trying to sound like she did.  Now I realize that she really does know her spiders. Wow, she will be good at what she decides to do with her science career. Sorry I ever doubted you Megs!

As glad as I am that she knows her spiders, but it doesn't change that fact that I HATE spiders!!!

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mindola said...

how could you even post a picture like that. now i'm too creeped out to eat my lunch. yuk!