July 01, 2010

Yesterday we went to Shriners. Parker needed to have surgery on his leg again. Parkers cerebral palsy causes his muscles to be really tight (spastic) and as he grows his muscles are tight and not loose and pliable. This eventually causes him to walk on his toes. If we weren't able to do anything about it, he would even have the probability of walking on the top of his foot.
Kerry was tired and decided that he wanted to take a nap while we waited for the staff to take Parker back to surgery.
  How glad I am that we live in a time when there are options and ways to help these kids. Yesterday's surgery, basically they cut the sheath that covers the back of the calf muscle in a few places and rip it so that it lenghens. Then they put him in a cast for a few weeks and the muscle heals at the longer length, then he walks with a flat foot again.
We went in at 10am, which means we left the house at 8am, then by the time we got home there was a very nice sunset happening. I am glad that he is done with this surgery and that all went well, but we have to go back on the 12th for surgery on his arm.

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