July 30, 2010

Camping up the canyon

This past weekend we went up the canyon to escape from the heat. It was quiet and beautiful and (thankfully) nice and cool!
The first whole day Kerry spent helping his dad fix his radiator because he had an unfortunate accident with a cow.
As you can see from the pictures the rest of us were very relaxed.
I spent some time reading and some time sleeping because when you get "away" from it all you find you are tired.
Holly spent some time taking pictures with my camera (that is where these pictures came from) and with Teresa's camera.

  The sleeping arrangements were interesting. Kerry's folks slept in the trailer, Teresa slept in their small tent, Taylor slept in his hammock, and Parker slept on a tarp under the stars. I don't know why, but he didn't want to sleep in a tent. Holly slept in the canvas tent with Kerry and I. Max and Taz slept in their kennel. One night Teresa got woken up by a sniffing noise at her head. She assumed it was the dogs, but the next morning she discovered that they were in the kennel, so we don't know what it was. It could have been cows because they were great entertainment for the dogs. Any time (which was often) that they came too close to camp the dogs would take off after them. One time a big cow decided that he was not going to stand for them chasing the smaller cows. It was funny to watch as they came running back to camp. Taz headed straight for her kennel and jumped in. Max went and hid in the kitchen area surrounded by table and chairs. We all had a good laugh out of that!! One day everyone but me went to Payson lake and spent the afternoon getting sunburned. Poor Kerry is still paying for that! All in all we had a great time and are looking forward to the next camping trip (labor day) with the family.

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Theresa said...

Holly took some great pictures. That was such a great time. Fun and relaxing all at the same time. Thanks again