June 23, 2010

The Trunky Papers Have Arrived. . .

Keri has been serving in the Argentina Neuquen mission. She left to serve in March of 2009. She informed us, this week, that her release date is August 24th of this year. That surprised us because we thought she had decided to stay until October. Then we found out that she already told Jake and asked him to keep it a secret. Those two are such peas in a pod! I guess it should not surprise me, because they have always been very close that way. However she couldn't stand to keep that surprise past this week, so she let us know. Currently she is serving in Caletta Olivia. It is in the south of Argentina where its getting rather cold. We are so proud of her and happy she has chosen to serve the Lord as a missionary. However, we are happy that her time in the mission is drawing to a close and we will be happy to have her home again.

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