June 09, 2010

Ohhh ssoooo close!!!!

This year at school there was a contest in each classroom to see who could read the most pages. I knew that Holly had read alot this year, as she is a prolific reader. She is constantly reading! I can't even tell you how often I peek in to check on her at night and find her reading and I don't even remember how many hours she read each month because it was so much. So anyway this year we were excited to see if she would win the contest. Holly read over 9000 pages during the school year. Well, she came in 2nd. She was 46 pages away from winning. Well she was disappointed because there was a $20 prize, but any kid who can read 1000+ pages a month, is a winner in my book! Way to go Holly!!!!! If you are interested here are the books that she read, that she can remember; Percy Jackson & the Olympians bks 1-5
Rangers Apprentice bks 1-7
Farworld 1,2
The City of Ember 1,2
The Frog Princess bks 1-5
Among the Hidden 1,2
Cryptid Hunters
The Moon Bridge
Alice in Wonderland
The 39 Clues
Wings (twice)
The Candy Shop Wars
The Secret of The Old Clock
Ella Enchanted (twice)
Lady Margarets Ghost
The Book of Mormon Sleuth
The Gift of the Magi
The First 1000 Word in German


Leahona said...

Wow a girl after my own heart! I remember when I was 11 my mom asked me to do the dishes and I didn't want to stop reading my book (I was in the middle of the "Little House" Series for about the 6th time! I went into the kitchen and turned on the water and proceeded to lay down in the middle of the kitchen and read my book. My mother, hearing the water running and no clanking dished went to investigate. Let's just say, I never did that again!!

Jacob said...

German! Cool Holly!

OUR CLAN said...

that sounds like something Holly might try. How funny!!!