June 03, 2010

A month full of events

Life never seems to slow down and this month was no exception. On the 26th of May in the year two-thousand ten, Megan graduated!!! Do I hear- whoo hoo, cheers, clapping, crying, and shouting?? Well, I can assure you there were alot of that. Megan's graduating class was over 350. She tells me that was small, but my graduating class (no not telling how long ago) was only about 120.
Now our little graduate is on to bigger and better things. Megan plans to attend UVU in the fall. She will go into biology at the moment, with plans to be a vetrinary technologist (at least for the time being). It will be interesting to see just where her life takes her. We all know how life goes and sometimes our best laid plans are not what happens.
This is a picture of Megan with her friend (and Taylor's and Anni's) Brayden
If Anni was home in Germany it would have been her graduating year as well, so we let her try on the gown just for fun, as exchange students do not get to graduate.
A couple of days before graduation we went with Anni to the airport to pick up her parents. Horst and Sabine are really great people. This is the first time in all the years of hosting students that we have had the privelage of meeting any parents. I am really glad that we did because over the year we found we really have alot in common with them and have developed a friendship, not only with Anni, but with them as well. We will miss Anni when she is gone.

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