May 10, 2010

Finally a quilt on my bed!!

2 years ago I went with mom to a large quilt show in Salt Lake. I didn't think at the time that I was that interested in quilting, as the matter of fact, I was not interested in it at all, at that point. I went just to humor mom and well that was "all she wrote" as far as it goes because I was sold on quilts from that point forward. That first summer I made quite a few. I made a couple of quilts for my own bed because my blankets were old, threadbare and falling apart. Well one of those quilts went to an aunt and uncle, and another didn't look so good in my room (it was beautiful, but just didn't look as good in my room as it did in Mom and Dads) and so I decided to give it as a Christmas present. The next thing I made was a back to a quilt and then I decided that I loved it so much that I wanted it for a front to a quilt and not the back. Well its been 2 years, and many quilts, and now and I finally have a quilt for my own bed! This is the one that was originally going to be the back to a different quilt. I love it! My kids love it! And I am very glad to finally have a quilt for my own bed. To tell you how glad I am to have it, day mom gave this one back to me, I threw the old ratty one out into the trash, right where it belongs!


mindola said...

i love changing up my bedding. glad you finally have a pretty, new quilt on your bed so you can feel the happiness the rest of us have felt in receiving the quilts you made for us!

OUR CLAN said...

Thanks mindola, I am glad that you have enjoyed the quilt so much. I have on like the one I made for you but in different colors. We will have to be twinners sometime after mom gets it quilted!