April 24, 2010

Julie and Julia

So last night Kerry and I watched a movie. It was called Julie and Julia. It was pretty good, but of course Hollywood thought they had to stick some suggestions in there. Had it not been for that, it would have been excellent. I still enjoyed it. The thing is, it got kerry and me to talking. For one thing he made a comment "yea, but you don't cook like that", and he is right, I don't. Maybe I live a sheltered life, maybe I am just living in my own little world, but I don't know anyone (short of Martha Stewart) who cooks like that (and maybe she doesn't cook like that when she is at home either). The only person that I knew who came close to cooking like that was my sister Heidi. She was so creative with food and it amazed me all the time. In my family when we have get togethers the "food" is the main thing we plan. I am sure partly because there are so many of us and that means lots of mouths to feed, but the other thing, I am sure, is because we didn't have much money to go and "do" things, but we had to eat, so we would "plan" what we were going to eat. Now when we get together we still "plan" what we are going to eat. Its a big part of our social times. But honestly who has the time to cook like a french chef? I don't. The closest I come is holiday cooking. So I am curious, how many of you are "secret foodies"? What are your favorite things to experiment with? What are your favorite recipies to make? Or are you like me and you just try to make everything you cook as simple as possible, yet still yummy?


Holly Burnah said...

I liked that show too. I'm not a secret foodie, but Tavish is. He loves to experiment and would love to take cooking classes, but doesn't have the time. I love hearing about Kerri Jean's mission experiences in RS- by the way. Thanks!

OUR CLAN said...

Thanks Holly. I appreciate it.

mindola said...

lets see, i enjoy baking more than cooking & trust me it turns out way better. i have found that experimenting just doesn't pay off in my family, they would rather have me stick to the basics (at least the kids) unless it comes to new chocolate chips in their cookies... :)