April 05, 2010

The Great Easter Charade. . .

This weekend was Easter. We (Josh/Jamie and Mindy/Andy (spent the previous night) and Kerry/I) woke up to 6 inches of snow. Well that makes it a little hard to have an egg hunt outside, ya know? So after a little discussion, we decided to have it inside.
Not sure dad appreciated having to be one of the places we hid eggs, but the kids sure had fun with it. First everyone had to find their baskets. . .
Once that was done, they got to look for eggs. Boy was that exciting! I didn't get as many pictures a I would have liked to have because the kids were zipping around so fast that I didn't have time to snap the picture.
I did manage to get a couple of my kids to pose with their great grandparents. With that many people around (30) you have to have food!
This is Jake and his girlfriend Rachel. Rachel is a real sweetheart and we like her alot.
Parker was really enthusiastic about his picture
looks like Taylor has the same nose as Grama
Josh and Jamie
Even Katie wanted in on the action
Tryston came down but his parents didn't make it. They had company from out of state. But boy did he have a good time. I don't think I saw him much because he was off playing with all of his cousins. He even told me that he "became a man" this weekend. I asked him how did you do that and he told me that he took an airsoft bb right in the lip and he was tough about it.
Josh and Taylor has the same idea at the same timeMy uncle Tom was here from Chicago. It was really nice to see him as its been a few years
After the "scramble" for eggs, the kids sat and went thru the "spoils"
Mom really enjoyed the family time
We had quite a crew to feed at breakfast and decided that cereal was the easiest thing to do
After breakfast was the egg hunting, then conference and then we had a potluck. I am really glad that we were able to see all my wonderful siblings (at least the ones who could make it) we had a great time. I am also grateful that all the cousins like each other so much and that the older cousins are patient with the younger kids. You guys are such a blessing in my life!!

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Theresa said...

looks like a full house and too bad about the snow. We are loving the nice warm weather for now.