March 15, 2010

wrestling mat

Kerry and I decided that we wanted to support Taylor more with his wrestling. As you know he made it to state this year (not bad for a sophomore) were he got beat out. He would like to get better and have the possibility of becoming a state champ. One of the ways he is going to put forth effort is to stay after school and work out before coming home. The other thing is that we decided we would buy a wrestling mat so that Kerry could work out with him. We figured his dad could help him work on technique and learn to be a better wrestler. So with all this in mind, we started looking for a mat. I found places we could buy a new one, but they are around $500 (starting) and on up. I looked for used ones on KSL, craigslist, and ebay. I could find some on ebay, but none that were affordable and none that were local. So I finally decided to place a "wanted" ad on KSL. I had 3 responses. We ended up purchasing 2 mats. They were supposedly, 7 1/2 ft x 15 ft. So they would have been a 15 ft square, perfect for our use. We went and picked them up and brought them home. Imagine our suprise when 15 ft turned into 41 ft! We decided that since that was the case, we didn't need both mats. So we are going to sell one. We are asking the price that we paid for both of them, so essentially we got a mat for free! How cool is that? I feel really blessed.

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Theresa said...

That is really great and I am sure it will be well used.