March 01, 2010

No new disasters. . .Hurray!!

This is just a short post, (with no pictures) to let everyone know what we have been up to. We have had no new disasters (hallelujah). It has been an interesting couple of weeks though. A week after we bought our new car, the car company called us and asked us to come in and sign some new papers. The place they were going to finance us thru decided not to do it. (don't ask me why, I don't know) so I got on the phone and internet and started to try and see if I could find a better intrest rate than what they were offering me (which was not terrible, but I thought I could do better) I found a great rate at the credit union we bank with and thought that would be just the ticket. We started to haggle with the car place (because they didn't want us to finance it ourself as they could get a "kick back" from financing it for us). Long story short, I decided to just drop it. It doesn't matter to us in the long run because we are planning to pay it off asap anyway. But sometimes buying a car is a "royal pain in the patooee"! Also, just so that everyone is up to date on what we have going on as far as church goes, I have been called to be the YW camp director. I feel fairly inadequate, but since I have been called, there must be a reason and I expect I will learn from the experience. I have some wonderful ladies to work with, and lots of camping experience, so in the long run I am sure we will get thru it and have a wonderful time in the process! If any of you guys have any wonderful camp memories please feel free to share them with me.

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Theresa said...

You will do just fine with girl's camp. My favorites have always been the more high adventure camps where the girls learn to push themselves mixed with great crafts so they have balance. The one I remember the most is where we did service. We helped to paint and restore some of the building and serve each other with kindness. Any camp that requires some challenges builds character and opportunity to serve brings the spirit. I am glad to hear that you haven't had any more disasters hopefully it will continue.