March 08, 2010

Always bringing something home

On Saturday, Kerry and the boy caught a pheasant.
Don't ask me how they did it. I don't know. I do know that if the bird was in good health, they would never have caught it!

We called around to a few people, but didn't find anywhere to take it. We didn't find anyone who raises them, or any bird sanctuaries, and we don't eat them, and since its illegal to keep pheasants, we let him go. Kerry took him down to the orchard the next morning. It was kind of neat to be able to see this bird up close. They really are very beautiful as you can see from the pictures. Kerry has alway, thru our married life, been found bringing home critters to share with his kids. I have never been too fond of that, but I am glad he has done that, because it gives the kids a chance to enjoy that part of life and a much different way to learn to appreciate the world around them, not to mention the memories they have as a result.

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