February 03, 2010

Taylor takes 4th at regions!

Taylor went to regionals this past weekend. It was held at Maple Mountain HS
Maple Mountain is on the border between Spanish Fork and Mapleton/Springville
The first day he won his first match and lost the 2nd one
then won the 3rd one. That was all the matche he had that day.
There were 6 teams. Each team brought 2 guys for each weight.
The 2nd day he won his first 2 and had a bye for his 3rd match.
That put him in the running for 3rd/4th
This kid kicked Taylor's butt!! He kept using potentially dangerous moves
on him. That made me mad. I guess it the mom in me. I hate those moves, they are dangerous for a reason. But Taylor just couldn't get away from the kid. He was just better than Taylor.
Plus, I've noticed that if Taylor is too keyed up then he doesn't think clearly about the match and that was the case this time. Oh well. You win some and lose some. Its part of the game.
But, during the last match for 3rd/4th
after he was executing a beautiful firemans, he got his leg caught and lost the match.
Darn it!! Ah well, better luck next time son!
Here are the placers in the 152 lb bracket. From left to right. Taylor took 4th place.

Not too bad for his first year at regionals. Last year he was out sick. Next weekend is sectionals, be interesting to see how he does.

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Theresa said...

Goo for Taylor, I hope he does well at the next one.