February 06, 2010

Taylor makes it past sectionals!!

Taylor has the Utah super regional tournament (also known as sectionals). There are 5 regions (for 4A schools) and so first they wrestle at a regionals tournament. In our regional tournament there were 6 schools wrestling. I believe the other regions are the same. Each school gets to take their best 2 wrestlers, so there are supposed to be 12 kids in each weight (not all schools have that many kids in each weight, but generally). Then from regions, the top placers in each weight get to go to the sectional tournament. The kids in Taylors weight of 152 took the top 6 placers. Taylor placed 4th. At the sectional that Payson was assigned to they had all the schools (4A) from Lehi south. There were 16 schools in the section. Taylor placed at this tournament also. There were 16 kids in his weight, Taylor placed 9th. He would have had a wrestle off for true 8th, but it didn't matter because Taylor gets to wrestle in the state wrestling tournament anyway (they were taking the top 9 from this weight). How cool in that?!! Taylor is a sophomore so that means he has a couple more years to get better.

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Leahona said...

Cool! Can't wait to hear how everything goes at State!!