February 11, 2010

The day after

Yesterday was the first day of the state wrestling tournament. Taylors first match had him paired up with the varsity kid from his own team. They wrestled all this last year (wrestle offs to see who would be Varsity and who would be JV). Obviously Taylor always lost because he was JV. Unfortunately that is the way it turned out this time too. Taylor got pinned. Then his second match he lost to the kid 9-4. I was really glad that he didn't get pinned. I think he could have beat the kid, but (to me) he didn't seem to be wrestling his best. But, that is ok. He made it to the state finals and that is quite an accomplishment, especially as a sophomore. I hope that over the next 2 years he continues to improve and get better. Maybe he will place or even win in the future.

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