January 16, 2010

Wrestling season updates. . .

Its been fun to watch Taylor wrestle this year. Ok, most of the time it has been fun, and sometimes it is not fun at all.
There are times when he wrestles well and times when he does some really dumb things (like this move. He tried to put the kid on the mat, but didn't have him sucked up tight) which of course results in a loss for him
wrestling is not all fun and games. Sometimes, as a mom, it's hard to watch! They get into some pretty uncomfortable, and downright hurtful positions. It takes a tough kid to wrestle and love it.
Taylor lost this match, but most of the time he is the one "inflicting the pain". I am glad that he has found a sport that he can be involved in and do good at. I am also glad that he has not had any injuries this year. His record (so far) is 18 wins and 5 losses. That means he wins 78% of the time. Way to go Son!!

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Leahona said...

wow he's really good!!