January 22, 2010

This one is for Sabine

For several months now we have been attending Taylor's wrestling matches and tournaments. It is always something that I look forward to, and it is also something that I am glad when it is over. It is an exhausting schedule and takes most weekends. Anni has attended several of these matches with us as well. Yesterday was a home match, so Anni got in for free. It was also "senior night" and so there were alot of people there who might not normally be there. One of the people in attendance was Anni's friend Alex. Alex is an awesome kid who spent alot of time at our house until his family moved to the next city over. (Alex speaks German and they started a German club together)It was good to joke around with him, and to have someone for Anni to chat with while the match was going on.
I took this one when they were not paying attention. It caused quite a reaction and was very funny!!

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