January 18, 2010

Parker's dream come true. . .

Parker was in "heaven" today.
Kerry took him to the expo center and they went to the car show
although it doesn't show in these pictures, Kerry had a hard time getting Parker to smile
Parker has always loved cars. He loves playing with then, drawing them, dreaming them
and today he got to sit in them too!!
This is a little boy's (and some big ones) dream come true!
I am not sure what his favorite car was, but he was telling me all about the engines, the prices
the colors, the models, the horsepower, the gas mileage, and even
all about the ones he thought I would like. Which was a new Ford Fusion.
I wonder if Parker will grow up to be involved with cars in some way. He sure likes them. I am glad the he had the chance to go and see them and enjoy himself today.

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Leahona said...

fun fun fun! I don't think that kid could smile any bigger!