January 04, 2010

New Year, New Things To Accomplish. . .

I was reading a friends blog recently and she was talking about how her grama and mom didn't like the word goals. I don't like the whole "resolution" thing. But goals are not too bad. However, I prefer accomplishments, seems more concrete to me. Goals and resolutions seem like something you come up with in a corporate boardroom and they never really happen. Well, in my mind it works like that anyway. So I have some things I want to accomplish this year. . . I have a few quilts that I want to make. 4-5 to be exact. The receivers of these quilts shall remain un-named because it could be one of you guys who read this blog. I want to start in the CMA program this fall, but whether or not this happens is yet to be determined. I want to make more balanced meals that are diabetic friendly so that Kerry will not become one, and so that I will (hopefully) lose a little weight (and no, I am not diabetic either). I also want to spend more time developing a better relationship with my children because I don't want to be old and lonely. I want my family to love me. I also want to better live within the means that the Lord has provided.

Well, that is all for now. I would be interested in hearing from some of you guys on what direction you are going for this year with your lives.

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Leahona said...

Love it love it!! I have some goals this year too. I want to keep my kitchen clean everyday and make my bed every day as well. I think it will help set the tone of a clean home. And a clean home is much better for keeping the spirit around. I don't keep a messy house but it's not been a focus before. Good luck with your goals!!