December 13, 2009

Lightning Fast Pin ! !

This weekend was the Juab tournament in Nephi. It was a varsity/junior varsity tournament. There were 22 schools there, so needless to say there were a TON of wrestlers. I went on Friday at 1:00 (start time) and spent the entire day, but Taylor didn't have any matches. They were running a round robin tournament instead of brackets. So all the boys in the group would wrestle all the other boys in the group that they were placed in. Taylor was supposed to have 6 matches. His first one was a bye, so he automatically won that round. They were also running 1/1/1 which means the rounds were 1 minute instead of the normal 2 minute rounds. I was really irritated to go home Friday night with out having seen him wrestle. It's not good to go and pay money and not see your kid wrestle ya know! Anyway, I also didn't think I was going to get to go back on Saturday to watch him because I had some apples to can. I got a good portion of that done and when Kerry got home from tithing settlement we headed on down. (Nephi is about 20 minutes away) Taylor had already wrestled 1 match and won in the 2nd period by a pin. He informed us that he would only have 1 more match. A lot of boys decided not to show up for the 2nd day of wrestling. So he ended up winning by a "scratch" on one of his matches and the organizers canceled the other matches (not just for Taylor, but for other boys too) because they didn't have time to run all the matches. So we got lucky and were able to watch him wrestle his last match. He was lightning quick this time. He shot out of the starting whistle so fast and got the guy in a low single leg, sucked his body up tight and stuck him in a pin! It was so cool!! I don't think the poor kid had any idea what hit him! He won in 8.2 seconds!!!reporting to the table for the match
after the outside single he grabbed the other kids chest
here you can see the pin!!
Here he is letting him up
Here is Taylor with his 1st place medal

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Leahona said...

YAY for first place!! that's great!